How to Hire the Best Limo Service in Melbourne

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In times gone by, only the elite of society could afford to have a personal driver or chauffeur. Today this luxury is available to everyone – through car sharing apps like UBER you can hail a car within minutes or with pre-booking you can ensure your self of a luxury sedan, a super comfortable executive people mover or a stretched limousine. Sometimes these options can be more cost-effective than driving your own car.

Limousine Service Melbourne

A good limousine service has an abundant use for people living in the outer Melbourne regions like the Mornington Peninsula, due to lack of taxis and public transport also the distance to travel to Melbourne.

Get Your Friends Organised

If you are heading into Melbourne city with some friends, get them to agree to a pre-booked limousine service. “You will be amazed at how cheap it can be”. e.g depending on the night and time of travel 10 people could get from Mornington to the city for a concert and returned in style later that evening for $45 per person.

Inside Limo during Winery tour


A limousine service that does not give emailed confirmation and take a deposit is something to treat with suspicion. You want the details confirmed and in writing. Limo operators that do not use technology should be avoided.

Get The Drivers Details

Before the event ensure you have your driver’s contact details – This means that even when the limooffice is closed you can reach your driver to find out where he is.

Chauffeur waiting by limo

Book in Advance

Avoid disappointment and book the car you want in advance. 2 weeks for off peak is reasonable 2 months for weddings etc.

Cheap is Not Always Better

Why is it so cheap. Maybe there is a reason. Check this out – Are the cars ok. is it a dodgy operation. Sometimes paying more can get a better result.

limo rental Melbourne Hire stretched limousines and Sedans

Compare Apples with Apples

Not all limousines are made equal. For example, a Hummer limo that seats 14 people cannot be compared with a ford 6 seater limo from 1996.


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